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Poland / Italy Trip, Day #7

Bolzano / Bozen

Bolzano (or Bozen, if you speak German) is located in the mountainous Süd-Tirol region of northern Italy. This region was originally part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until after WW1, when Italy gained possession. As you can imagine, this has affected the language, food, and culture hugely. Many locals speak both German and Italian, and it’s possible to have spaghetti and wienerschnitzel in the same meal! Our hotel is located in the nearby town of Collalbo / Klobenstein. To get there, you need to take a gondola lift, followed by a dedicated short-line train called the Rittnerbahn, that serves several mountain communities. It’s a bit remote but very relaxing. We spent the day relaxing, enjoying the ambience, and eating plenty of good food.

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