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Poland / Italy Trip, Day #5

Boleslawiec, Poland

We spent most of today in Boleslawiec, a small city near the German-Polish border. It’s known mainly for its production of high-quality ceramics. Back in WW2 the city was devastated first by the invading Germans, and later by the advancing Russians. German-speaking locals were driven out after the war, and these carried on the centuries-old ceramics traditions in other regions of Germany. The Boleslawiec ceramic industry was revived in the 1970’s and is going strong today. The town has gone significant restoration recently and the historic old town district is beautiful.

The others spent most of the morning shopping, so I set off to explore the town. I checked out a Communist-era flea market and just enjoyed photographing the town. In the afternoon we said farewell to Poland and began heading to Italy. To do so we took a series of train connections to Berlin and then flew to Venice. Unfortunately we took the wrong train and wasted a good hour, but we made it to the airport in time! Tomorrow we explore Venice before heading over to Bolzano.

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