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Poland / Italy Trip, Day #4


Our night train rolled into Wroclaw at 5:15am. Not surprisingly, not much was open at that hour, so we stashed our luggage in lockers, and then hung out at a very good coffee shop in the train station. Once it got light out, we began exploring the city. We headed down to Hala Targowa, the centuries-old market hall, which is still in full swing today. From there we checked out Cathedral Island, which, true to its name, is the site of several prominent cathedrals. Some of us took the lift to the top of one of the church towers for a great view of the old town. Next we headed over to the old market square / town hall square which has been restored to its historic splendour. Throughout the afternoon it rained off and on, but we didn’t let that deter us. We all decided that we wanted ice cream and coffee, and we found a great place called Barton’s in the square that served us just that. Afterwards we split up for a bit. Some wanted to check out a shopping mall, while my brother and I wanted to photograph more along the river and Cathedral Island. We met up later for dinner at a cool ‘pay by the weight’ buffet joint before leaving by train to Boleslawiec near the German border. Night!

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