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Poland / Italy Trip, Day #3

Malbork and Elblag, Poland

We took an early train from Gdansk to the nearby town of Malbork, the site of the world’s largest castle, dating back to the 1300’s. When this region was under Prussian rule, the castle was known as Marienburg. To call it impressive would be an understatement; it’s enormous! Sadly, as is the case with much of Poland, a large portion of the castle was destroyed in WW2 but much of it has since been restored. It was great to wander and explore the place. In the afternoon we headed further on to the city of Elblag, which used to be known as Elbing when this area belonged to German-speaking Prussia. The area around this city was also home to my Loewen ancestors back in the early 1600’s. Much of the city was flattened in WW2, and restoration is an ongoing process. Still, it was really cool to hang out where my forebears may have hung out long ago. We topped off the visit with dinner at a little place called Propaganda Restauracja – a throwback to Communist days. Food was delicious! Now we’re on a night train headed to Wroclaw. Later!

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