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Poland / Italy Trip, Day #2

Gdansk, Poland

We got up reasonably early and ate breakfast at a bakery/cafe a few doors down from our hotel. We’re staying at Hotel Dom Schumannow, a really nice place directly above the tourist information office. For location it’s unbeatable – it’s on Dlugi Targ Street, directly across from the historic town hall. We spent the day exploring as much as we could in the Old Town district. I knew that the city was going to be nice but I was amazed at just how nice it really was. The city was heavily damaged in WW2 but the Poles have faithfully rebuilt the historic district to match its original splendour – with a catch. Any previously German-styled buildings have been remodeled with an old-world Belgian/Dutch/Italian flair. We checked out the grand Mariacka Cathedral – which is still undergoing repairs inside – and climbed its tower for a stunning view of the old city. We spent a few hours wandering the historic harbour and enjoying the stunningly beautiful views. We also checked out the centuries-old Hala Targowa market; and we made sure to enjoy the food! Donuts seem to be a big deal around here. They’re a little different than North American donuts but very tasty! Nearby we found the stunning old cathedral Bazylika rzymskokatolicka pw. św. Mikołaja. Inside there is an incredible altarpiece constructed of several hundred pounds of amber! We ate dinner at Perogalnia, a great restaurant that specializes in perogies. Food was delicious and reasonably cheap. More of the area tomorrow!

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