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Ukraine / Germany Trip, Day #9

Lviv, Ukraine

Another easy-going day of sight-seeing. We had a long breakfast and then tried to wrap up some loose ends that we’d wanted to see but still hadn’t gotten around to yet. Some of us climbed the tower of the city hall for a spectacular view of the city. Well…it would have been spectacular if not for the heavy, low-hanging cloud cover! At the recommendation of one of my friends, we also visited Lviv Handmade Chocolates. The chocolates there are superb – easily comparable to (if not better than) fine Belgian chocolate. On one of the store levels, it is possible to drink melted chocolate. Some of the others didn’t care for it (?!?) so bonus for me! After browsing around a bit, we had an early supper at Puzata Khata and then had a night at the Lviv Opera. A special Ukrainian comedy opera happened to be playing that night, called Запорожець за Дунаєм (“A Cossack Across The Danube”). As the entire thing was performed in Ukrainian we didn’t get much from the dialog, but the music and acting were great! Well worth the $10 for floor seats, and a really nice ending to our stay in Ukraine. Afterwards we headed over to the train station and took the night train through Poland to Dresden, Germany. It felt a bit sad to be leaving Ukraine; I’ve certainly enjoyed my stay here and I hope to make it back.

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