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Ukraine / Germany Trip, Day #8

Lviv, Ukraine

Today we took it a little easier. We explored the old town some more and checked out some markets and back streets. We started with the aptly-named Souvenir Market, located near the Transfiguration Church. As the name implies, the place was full of USSR memorabilia, artwork, crafts, stamps and coins. I managed to find some USSR money for my collection. Next, we moved along to the Book Market, behind the Dominican Cathedral. Besides books, vendors sold music, more USSR memorabilia, and other miscellaneous items. We took our time with it, making some time to stop and have coffee every now and then. From there we headed over to a huge clothing market on Bazarna St (Вулиця Базарна). Once we’d poked around for a while, we decided to head back to the old town. On the way I tried a Ukrainian hot dog which came loaded with corn, cabbage, horseradish, garlic sauce, carrots, and pickles. For 17 UAH ($0.81) it was pretty awesome! Naturally we stopped for strudel again. We were a bit tired after that so we decided to relax back at the hotel.

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