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Ukraine / Germany Trip, Day #7

Lviv, Ukraine

Finally, the sun showed itself! What a difference it made for photo-taking. We headed out by foot into the old town today and packed as much sight-seeing as we could into the daylight hours. We saw a bunch of old cathedrals including an old Armenian cathedral that – from the street – looked almost like any other house/establishment. The interior was incredible with old paintings and very old architecture. We slowly made our way down to Rynok Square, the heart of the old town. The architecture here is very interesting. There is a big mix of different building styles which gives this district a classy but eclectic feel. In the afternoon we found a cool place called Львівські Пляцки (Lvivsky Plyatsky), reputed to be one of the best strudel joints in town…and believe me, it was! The coffee was fantastic and the baking was out of this world. We spent some time there before carrying on with our sight-seeing. It felt good to just sit and enjoy the ambience. We saw more of the old town and raided a Ukrainian candy store (okay…we did pay). On a whim we decided to try dinner at a place that served ethnic Georgian food. It was just a tiny hole-in-the-wall place, but the food and service were awesome. Overall, a great day!

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