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Ukraine / Germany Trip, Day #6

Lviv, Ukraine

Our train rolled into Lviv around 6am. The first thing we saw was heavy, wet snow on the ground and more snow falling quickly. Most of us hadn’t slept particularly well, and we really didn’t feel like dealing with snow first thing in the morning. We took a bus to our hotel in the old part of town, but for some reason the night manager didn’t seem very pleased to see us. Check-in wasn’t until 2pm, but thankfully he let us store our luggage on the premises until then. We were all hungry and tired, so we walked downtown and found a place to have breakfast, and then spent several hours exploring the town. Lviv has a completely different feel than Kiev – it has a more lively, western European feel. It actually feels a bit like Germany or Austria, except all the signs are in Cyrillic! We took a few trams to explore other parts of the city, and we found quickly that the outlying areas of the city are not so pretty. Decades of communism have left heavy scars in this country, and 25 years later it still feels in some ways like it’s only beginning to recover. People however are optimistic, upbeat, and very friendly. Late this afternoon we all were feeling tired. I decided to hit the sack early while the others did some more exploring. More from Lviv tomorrow!

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