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Ukraine / Germany Trip, Day #5

Kiev, Ukraine

Today was a much more laid back day. We spent several hours checking out Andriivs’kyi Uzviz (St. Andrew’s Descent), an old, steep, eclectic street that historically connected the upper (nobility) part of the city with the lower (working class) part. According to legend, St. Andrew himself ascended the street and prophesied the rise of the city. Now the street is lined with artists, craft-makers, and souvenir-hawkers. After a few hours everything began to look the same, so we headed out to the Bessarabska Market. Over the centuries Kiev has grown up around a market culture, and many of these centuries-old markets are still alive and well today. Bessarabska is probably one of the better known markets. At first glance everything seems fairly pricey, but we soon realized that we were expected to haggle on prices. Some vendors were really cool and super friendly, and others were really grumpy. One older lady saw our phones and yelled angrily at us, “No photo! No photo!” Later after dinner we spent a bit of time exploring on Kiev’s metro system. Many of the stations themselves are grand works of art, and worth taking the time to see. We didn’t have as much time as we would have liked, since we had to catch our night train to Lviv.

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