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Ukraine / Germany Trip, Day #3

Kiev, Ukraine

Today was a really busy day packed with sight-seeing and good eating! Our stay came with breakfast vouchers at a nearby seafood restaurant called Причал 47 (Pier 47); the ambience was cool but portions were tiny. So we hit up a nearby grocery store and stocked up on breakfast foods. After a good hearty brunch we headed out and saw St. Sophia’s Cathedral and St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, which both turned out to be only a few blocks away! St. Sophia’s was outstanding, but there were older ladies in green capes stationed throughout, keeping a watchful eye on guests and making sure that not a single photo was taken inside! I still managed to sneak a few shots with my phone. Later in the afternoon it got pretty chilly so we went back to our apartment to layer up. We checked out St. Andrew’s Church at the top of St. Andrew’s Descent, an old, steep, windy street with tons of good shopping. The stores looked to be closed and we were feeling hungry, so we headed over to Пузата Хата again for supper. Lots more sight-seeing tomorrow!

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