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France Trip, Day #9

Day #9: Strasbourg, France

We enjoyed another relaxing day exploring the town on foot and eating plenty of delicious local food. Late in the afternoon we had to catch a train back to Montpellier, where we will catch a plane tomorrow back to Canada. Our first train connection was almost half an hour late, which meant that we would miss our second connection. However after dealing with an info agent and some train personnel, French Rail told us that they would hold our second train for us! The timing was very close but we made our connection. It’s gonna be a short night tonight and an early flight tomorrow, so I’ll leave y’all with these pics. ‘Night!

Streetside cafes

Palais de Rohan
The cathedral is pretty hard to miss

Palais de Rohan

River cruise boat


Palais de Rohan

It gets pretty touristy in parts of the old town….and it’s not even tourist season yet!

They sure know a thing about baking around here


Back streets of Strasbourg

I love the contrast of ultra-modern transit in centuries-old streets

Protestant Church

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