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France Trip, Day #4

Day #4: Uzès, France (daytrip)

Early this morning we took a bus to Uzès, a quintessential southern French town with an enormous Saturday market. The market was overflowing with stalls selling just about everything from fruits, vegetables, fresh bread, and cheeses to leather crafts, paintings, pottery, and knives. We spent a couple of hours browsing and I picked up a beautiful Laguiole knife made locally by hand. When we had tired of the market, some of us explored the town a bit, but the rest of us chose to relax at one of the many cafes. I thoroughly enjoyed a piece of mille feuilles pastry with a cappuccino. Rather than heading straight back to Avignon, we stopped on the way to visit the Pont du Gard, a beautifully preserved Roman aqueduct/bridge. The scale is massive, a testament to the incredible engineering and construction skills of the ancient Romans. Tomorrow we’re planning another daytrip to the town of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Good night!

The view as one enters old town Uzès

The old town did not disappoint

I love the quiet, artistic beauty around every corner here

Can I say it? This place is just…so…French.

It’s impossible to stay hungry for long when you visit a French market!
The market gets pretty lively!

So many choices!

I think someone’s had enough of market day here

In a dry stone town, these guys know how to keep life colourful
A great town to wander and explore

There are cool surprises around every corner

Typical back street in Uzès
Perfect way to end off the visit. I’d definitely come back again.

The town is located on top of a hill, with beautiful hilly surroundings. I’d love to own a place out here for holidays!
The enormous Pont-du-Gard, an aqueduct built by the ancient Romans


Pont-du-Gard. The enormity of the scale here is mind-boggling.

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