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Baltics Trip – Day #14: Zakopane, Poland

Day 14: Zakopane, Poland. Today we took a 2-hour bus from Krakow to the town of Zakopane in the Tatras Mtns. This town is an outdoorsy hub and something of a ski resort. Basically it’s a Polish Banff, with one big difference – it’s still dirt cheap! Thankfully the main street wasn’t full of stores selling cheap junky souvenirs. It was actually pretty classy with a distinctly Polish mountain feel, with lots of really cool places to shop and eat. We checked out a market, ate some delicious snacks, and just enjoyed wandering the town. Apparently the view is supposed to be stunning on a clear day, as the town is surrounded by mountains. But today was not a clear day. It was a lot of fun regardless. Right now we’re on the bus enroute to Krakow (gotta love free Wi-Fi on a bus!). Tomorrow is our last full day out here…it’s gone by way too quickly!

Polish cuisine isn’t exactly famous, but it should be

The main tourist street in Zakopane

Locals sell all kinds of crafts and clothing in the market and along the street

More street vendors
I think there’s some kind of rule about staying true to the Polish mountain style…

Check out those support braces!

Mountains barely peek out from the clouds…I imagine the view would be stunning on a clear day!

Some Communist-era scars still remain
Really cool market area on the edge of town

Local crafts for sale. Ceramics are a huge deal in southwest Poland.

I was surprised to see such a beautiful church in an otherwise modest little town

Church interior

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