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Baltics Trip – Day #10: Vilnius/Trakai, Lithuania

Day 10: Vilnius and Trakai, Lithuania. This morning we took a half-hour bus to Trakai, the ancient seat of power for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, back in the late 1300’s. A large castle sits majestically on an island near the shore of a large lake next to the town, and is accessible only by bridge. The castle has been lovingly restored from its ruined state over the last 110 years, and it is impressive! Inside the courtyard there were St. Nicholas Day festivities for local young kids and their parents, but the castle halls had been fitted into a museum. Here we could learn about Lithuania’s history and view some fascinating artifacts. This place has a pretty amazing history! We spent most of the day here and then returned to Vilnius in time to have supper and then take a night bus to our next destination: Krakow, Poland.

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