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Baltics Trip – Day #9: Vilnius, Lithuania

Day 9: Vilnius, Lithuania

Today we visited the other side of Vilnius, resplendent in all its Communist-era brutalist glory. Naturally, it seems that the Baltic states are anxious to erase the ugly scars of Communism, but the process is a long and painstaking one. Construction and renovation are constantly ongoing, and great strides have been made in some areas, but certainly not everywhere. We visited a USSR-era market in a section of the city which has yet to be updated. The contrasts are stunning, to say the least. Beautiful modern skyscrapers provide a backdrop to run-down shanty homes and concrete block apartments. Elderly people sell fruits, veggies, smoked meats, cakes, candy, honey, pickles, clothing, and hand-made mittens in a stinky, deteriorating market square. Prices are ridiculously cheap. Hard to believe that people lived like this for decades, barely getting by. I have a lot of admiration for these people and their strength of spirit.

Later on we also visited the ruined fortress tower on Gediminas Hill which towers above the Old Town, as well as a few beautiful old churches. Tomorrow the plan is to take a daytrip to a really cool castle nearby. Later!

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