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Baltics Trip – Day #8: Vilnius, Lithuania

Day 8: Vilnius, Lithuania

We took a 4-hour bus from Riga (thankfully the driver was more tame than the last one!), arriving in Vilnius at 11:30am. I didn’t know what to expect and my first impressions upon entering the city weren’t exactly favourable. We were greeted by crumbling sidewalks, grungy streets, and especially haggard-looking concrete highrises in full Communist ‘splendour.’ However, within a few hours of entering the Old Town, this city managed to upstage everything I’ve seen so far on this trip! It’s obvious that generous quantities of time, money, and painstaking effort have been spent to restore this city to its former (pre-USSR) grandeur. And grand it is! People here are extremely polite, friendly, and classy – and it continues to surprise me how well the younger people speak English. We spent the rest of the day just wandering and exploring. This place has a lot of ambience…and a lot of good eating! Depending on which street you’re on, food prices run a wide range, but once you get off the main tourist street, food is ridiculously cheap. It became pretty obvious that amber is a big deal out here. We ate dinner at Etno Dvaras, a cosy place that serves hearty traditional fare. I had the didžkukuliai (potato dumplings, also nicknamed zeppelins) and sea buckthorn tea. Delicious! More Vilnius tomorrow!

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