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Baltics Trip – Day #7: Riga, Latvia

Day 7: Riga, Latvia

We enjoyed an awesome European breakfast at our hotel, complete with as much espresso as we could put down. It was slightly bizarre to hear a [terrible] cover of “Stairway to Heaven” in the breakfast room. We spent the entire morning exploring a HUGE market located in and around 5 former Zeppelin (do I detect a trend?) airship hangers. Fascinating to see what locals buy and sell for food and handcrafts here. We spent a lot of time getting lost in the sprawling Old Town area…it’s amazing to see structures dating back to the late 1200’s! It became apparent that painstaking work had been done over the last 20-ish years to restore these old buildings to their pre-Communist splendour. Hard to believe that our time here has gone by so quickly. I’d rate this city a definite “would come back again and again.” Tomorrow, onward to Vilnius, Lithuania.

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