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Baltics Trip – Day #6: Riga, Latvia

Day 6: Riga, Latvia

This ain’t Tallinn anymore Toto! Very different flavour than where we’ve been the last few days, but still a really great place to explore, and explore we did! We took an early 4-hr bus to get here, which was an adventure in itself. Our bus driver drove like nobody I’ve ever seen before. The road was divided into 2 lanes, but in order to pass other vehicles, the custom here seems to be moving into the middle of the road. The vehicle being passed moves over into the shoulder to allow the other vehicle to pass. Oncoming vehicles also move into their shoulder to give room. This all happens at full highway speeds! The driver spent much of the drive either riding the bumper of the vehicle in front of him, or else passing them. He had loud Russian dance music blaring up front, and most of his attention seemed to be on the lively conversation that he was having with another man. Somehow Mom slept through most of it, but it was pretty nerve-wracking for me! Once we safely arrived, we hit the ground running. We wandered the [very] old historic part of the city and discovered that this place appears to have an obsession with coffee houses – bonus marks in my books! We spent a couple hours at the Christmas market and sampled some hearty elk soup, among other things. For dinner, we were delighted to find several LIDO locations here…I highly recommend that place. During dinner we discovered that Latvia appears to have a thriving country music scene…pretty amazing when the country radio out here is 10x better than what you get back home!

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