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Baltics Trip – Day #5: Tallinn, Estonia

Day 5: Tallinn, Estonia

A wet, windy, chilly day but we still enjoyed browsing a traditional “wool market” near the old city walls (which dated back to the 1300’s). I discovered in a moment of panic that few stores had public washrooms available. I thought I’d try the McDonald’s, but a numerical password was required to enter the bathroom! And how does one go about acquiring said password? It appears on your receipt when you buy something. So I ended up having to buy a coffee just to get a receipt with a password. Pretty lame! Oh well, the coffee was pretty good. We explored some more of the old city, spent some more time at the Christmas market, and ended off the night at my new favourite Tallinn restaurant – Kompressor. This place dishes out huge Estonian crepes stuffed with just about anything, sweet or savoury. Now to bed, tomorrow onward to Riga, Latvia.


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