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Don’t let me go!

Hello blog world, it’s been a while. Hasn’t been a whole lot to say here lately…well that’s not true, I’ve just been a little lazy and haven’t taken the time to think of something worth saying. So what inspired this post was a few days ago while I was lifeguarding at the local pool. For those of you who didn’t know, I’m a lifeguard at the local pool. Anyway I saw this mom trying to teach her young son some basic flotation in the shallow end of the pool. The routine went something like this:

– mom lays son on his back while keeping her arm under his back
– son lies there for 2 seconds
– son suddenly has a revelation that he’s in WATER (no kidding!)
– son goes ballistic, thrashes wildly and latches with a death grip onto the closest object available, usually mom’s arm or neck
– mom attempts to remove wildly thrashing son, while yelling “No! No! You’re going to swim!” or some other such encouragement
– son stands in the water (with head, shoulders, and chest completely out of the water), crosses arms, and yells angrily at mom “Don’t ever do that again! Seriously, do not do that!”

Repeat the process. Shake and stir. Bake at 350 for 35 min. Etc. It brought back fond memories of teaching swimming lessons out in small-town Ontario. I wanted to lean in and jovially crack a joke about “the joys of swimming lessons,” but judging from the less-than-good-natured look on the mom’s face it probably wouldn’t have gone over so beautifully.

All in all it was a pretty hilarious scenario. I lost count of how many times this drama replayed itself in front of my eyes. Both mom and son were getting more flustered by the minute, which certainly wasn’t helping to speed the learning process along. As an experienced swim instructor, I could easily spot the flaws in the mom’s teaching methods (tempers aside), and I would have loved to give some pointers. I wasn’t sure how to do so without appearing condescending, so I just kept quiet and enjoyed the show. What this boy needed was some solid encouragement that – hey! – he was floating! Now all he needed to do was to stay floating while he counted to 5, or 10, etc.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, what really made me stop and think was when, out of the blue, I suddenly wondered “How many of my life’s problems look just like this from God’s point of view?” I mean, here was this boy who was wildly afraid of lying on his back in water that only came up to his chest! How many times have I been afraid to step out in faith and do something, all because of a perceived risk? And how many times is this perceived risk nothing more than a fearful thought or an invention of my own mind?

Something to ponder, eh…

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