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Hey just taking a break from some stuff I’m working on. Whoa, working…on a Saturday? Well heck yeah! I mean, what could be more enjoyable on a Saturday afternoon than designing a heat exchanger or planning the afternoon’s Bronze Medallion class? Especially when I can listen to some Sara Groves at the same time! Geez, it’s not like I’d rather be out in town testing guitars at Long & McQuade, or browsing sports or electronics stores at the mall, or (gasp!) relaxing. And who’d want to be outside on a warm day like today? Ack! So yeah, I’m inside plugging away on my computer.

I’m just realizing how amazingly fast this fall school term is flying by. It feels like it was just summer and now the weather’s already heading towards Wintersville. Heck, we just had snow last week! I’m always a fan of lots of sunshine and heat, so I always hate to see summer go. On the plus side, I might be able to do some snowmobiling this winter! I’ve never actually ridden one yet, but currently I’m on the “Clean Snowmobile Challenge” student team at school, designing a thermal protection system for the fuel tank. It’s actually my fourth-year design project, but one of the perks of being on the team is that once the snow hits, I’m told we’ll get a chance to drive the sled around! Should be fun!

Speaking of school, it’s hard to believe that this chapter of my life is finally coming to a close….and fast! I’ll be graduating in April!!! Now THAT is exciting…

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