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Send Revival, Start With Me

Yesterday at work I was testing out my newest toy, nothing less than an iPod. As I scrolled happily through the list of artists, I decided randomly to play an album called Revival, by one of my long-time favourite bands, Petra. As I settled back into working on a mechanical drawing, the words of the title song came piercing through my consciousness.

We’re looking to your promise of old
That if we pray and humble ourselves
You will come and heal our land
You will come, You will come

We’re looking to the promise You made
That if we turn and look to Your face
You will come and heal our land
You will come, You will come
To us

In the last few weeks I’ve come to the sobering realization that I’ve let some important parts of my life slip – namely spending time with God in prayer and reading my Bible. The problem with neglecting those is that there are always spin-offs into the rest of my life. Bad habits that I thought I got rid of a long time ago come back to haunt me, I lose joy in simple things that I would normally enjoy, and (worst of all) I turn inward and focus on myself.

When a realization such as this occurs, two courses of action immediately appear. The first and most tempting is to pull a Jonah and somehow hide from God. My mind tries to sweep the thought under the proverbial rug and stay busy with other things to escape from the feelings of guilt. Though I’ve tried this countless times before, the Holy Spirit relentlessly continues to lay His finger on that spot that I try so hard (and so unsuccessfully) to ignore. Eventually I come to realize that not only am I stressing myself out by trying to escape guilt the wrong way, but I’m displeasing my Heavenly Father the whole time. It is usually at this point that I take Course Of Action #2 – what I should’ve done in the first place – find a quiet place, fall on my knees, and make things right with God.

Send revival, start with me
For I am one of unclean lips
And my eyes have seen the King
Your glory I have glimpsed
Send revival, start with me

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