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So it begins…

So it finally happened. After years of decrying blogs as “pointless” and “dumb,” here I am writing my first entry. I suppose it had to happen eventually…for now I see it as a channel for letting people know what’s going on, philosophizing once in a while, or just discussing random thoughts/ideas I come across. Not sure if anyone will actually read it, but sometimes I feel like I need to write my thoughts down or else I’ll burst…I guess you could call it a form of catharsis. Don’t expect anything spectacular or world-changing; I’m just an ordinary guy with thoughts, feelings, experiences, and views like everyone else. One thing you can expect though – since I’m really into physics, math, computers, and basically anything scientific – is a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy?) dose of good ol’ science! Probably not as fun as Bill Nye, but then he’s on a level all his own. Just in case you think that I’m a nerd now, I’m also a big fan of music, guitars, anything cowboy-related, sports, swimming, biking, photography, travel, and coffee. So yes, you can expect a pretty good mix, I hope. Hopefully though, anyone who reads this will catch a glimpse of who I am and what I believe. That’s all I aim for.

Thanks for reading…God bless!

Big D

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